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  1. I’m so pleased you are doing this. I have ordered and received many of the products we discussed. More will arrive next week. It occurred to me in the course of doing this that it would be a great service if you functioned as an intermediary–and soon you will! This is a really good step to take.

    While it is common and quite okay to cite the value the store will have in support of your endeavor, and the convenience is of obvious of value to members and others who view the videos, I think you could significantly increase the value proposition you offer your customers without burdening yourself overly much by specifying the specs and quantity of products and materials associated with each video. For instance, what weight chopped mat, better to buy quarts or gallons? Etc. I noticed that you were holding a quart of adTech after I had ordered a gallon. The gallon arrived today in a badly damaged can–not punctured, but nearly so, and the shelf life is said to be a year if stored in cool conditions. Not likely here. Lesson learned–the hard way. The generalizable point is that it is probably wise to purchase smaller, more manageable quantities initially other than when the project immediately at hand requires large quantities.

    The diy customer will still have to calculate the “size” of their project. But you would provide a useful measuring stick.

    I imagine you have already considered many ways you can leverage your knowledge through the store and, in turn, build this aspect of the business. Just thought I’ pass these thoughts along. Building a database of project specs with associated commentaries would provide additional dimensionalities to the videos and over time a robust performance support system for what might become a good sized membership organization.

    Looking forward to the store.


    1. That’s a great idea Chuck! I will start adding that additional info going forward in the writeups on my website when the video’s are published 🙂

      Hope you had a good weekend!


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